Introducing the Government Expert Council

Introducing the Government Expert Council. An “expert network” connects professionals with deep subject matter experience with businesses. Investment managers have long utilized expert networks to better understand private sector challenges to gain a competitive advantage. But could the same model work for businesses dealing with the public sector and public policy?

We’ve spent the last few months exploring the possibility of a government expert network with businesses and professionals alike. Businesses expressed interest in diverse subject matter experts and a reasonable “pay by the drink” fee schedule. Additionally, businesses asked for a choice of experts at the local, state, and federal level. Our prospective experts liked the idea of an invitation only professional network, setting their own rate, and having flexibility to engage both virtually and in person. Several saw membership in the network as an opportunity to complement their career and identify new consulting opportunities.

The folks we spoke to encouraged us. Their feedback demonstrated a definite need for timely insight at the local, state, and federal level on a variety of client issues.

Now, Caddo Associates is introducing the Government Expert Council in a soft launch to test the concept and refine our approach. We hope you will help us with your critical feedback and thoughts for improvement. -Chris

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